Thursday, March 3, 2011

Before They Were Street Style Stars

1. Anna Dello Russo

2. Alexa Chung

3. Joanna Hillman

4. Leigh Lezark

5. Taylor Tomasi-Hill

Fashionista recently posted a little gallery of fashion's favourite street style stars, before they became globally recognized street style gods. It is a bit of relief to see photo evidence of their style evolution, and to realize that these people weren't just born with impeccable style and incredible, designer-filled wardrobes. Saying that, some of these photos look pretty darn old, so I guess you've got to cut the more brutal outfits some slack. Check out the full article by clicking HERE.


  1. Ha ha this is quite genius, especially for Anna Dello Russo

    See U !

  2. This is amazing and relieving!

  3. WOW.
    Bless Alexa Chung!

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