Monday, September 28, 2009

Pin Up

(Wildfox/Stardust and Sequins)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Spread The Glossy Love!

Glossy Magazine is a new bi-monthly online magazine straight out of London that I am now working with. The editorials are gooorgeeous and the articles are entertaining as well! Glossy has recently launched their blog to keep us all happy in between issues, check out the amazing photos of Stam by Mariano Vivanco I found on there this morning!! HOT right!?

Also see the top image i put together for Glossy's new competition! All you gotta do is follow Glossy on Mag, join the facebook group and invite all you friends to do the same! The reader who gets the most friends to join will win a gift bag worth over 300 pounds. Click on the image for more details.

Friday, September 25, 2009

NYC check-in

1. Mom says "That Obama is so cute!" she repeats "sooooo cute." And then "He's in such amazing shape, its incredible!" Okay mom...we get it. You think Obama is a babe.

2. New york? Cuba? Where am I...

3. *cough, cough* I'm sick, I can't go out. Take me home cabbie!

The jet-set lifestyle. Popping over to NYC for the weekend from LDN, glamourous right? Well, I guess so, even though my "pop in" occurred just in time for me to have missed NYC fashion week by a minute and also miss most of LDN fashion week upon my return! Oh ya, boo hoo me, I really should not be crying over this. It was great to be back in my favourite city! Mind you I was there on my first 'work' trip and I did in fact work more than play but, damn, it felt gooood to be 'home' I really do heart the big apple. Typical me, I took about one photo on my entire trip, but luckily my parents came down to visit and have provided some proof that I was actually there.

Chelsea Mornings

1. Proof I now have one hideous half-index finger on my left hand!

2. Urrrghh...what time is it? Sunrise? I'm up? Work time? Okay...

3. Like father like daughter apparently, dad and I don't do pictures before we get our breakfasts.

La Vie En Rose

Ah, Pariiis...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Wang 10

I've got some mixed feelings about Alexander Wang's SS10 collection which is upsetting as I have been full out OBSESSED with every collection of his until now. There are definitely some amazing pieces in there, but I may need more time to mull over the rest. I do, however, enjoy Nylon TV's video remix of the show!

Zagliani "Pops" Into Harvey Nicks

I caught up with Zagliani owner, Mauro Carella, at Harvey Nichols last week to discuss his latest bag collection and "Shop In Shop" concept and installation. Read the full article on the Glossy Magazine blog.


Having stepped down from her position as managing director of Lush Magazine earlier this year, I was happy to hear that Jennifer Lee had set her sights on creating a new online magazine with ultimate creative talent, Ryan Johnson. FILLER magazine went live this past week, in conjunction with the opening of TIFF. Having been kept in the dark about the creative vision for FILLER, it is now clear to me why Jenn chose TIFF as the perfect opportunity to introduce her latest project. Unlike most online magazines, FILLER offers readers a fresh take on online fashion editorials. Instead of mock magazine pages the team has created high-quality avant garde short-films to showoff FILLER fashion. REFRESHING! I've been majorly lame and failed to provide London street-style shots for the mag, due to having stayed in bed to feel sorry for myself and cry over my missing finger. However, I will be acting as a London correspondent for the mag so stay tuned! PS. Congrats Jenn & Ryan!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Puppet Master

Extra Extra! It's the latest, latest from the Harvey Nichols windows.

Kate Moss is a fiiierce bitch, yes she is! Work it out mama.

Hoop hoop Hooray!

Geez, long time no update. Sorry! Having cut off about half of my index finger while cooking last week, typing has proven to be rather tricky and painful. Anyhoo, update time...I have started assisting at a great boutique fashion pr agency called Hoopla based in Soho. The girls are so nice they even brought back a bottle of Lola for me from Paris! Oui Oui mes amis! Making my way through Mayfair the other day I spotted the Hoopla! display at Christian Louboutin! Love it.