Monday, March 29, 2010

K8 Girl

Click here to check out my PLAID Mag article on TO-jewellery line K8! x

Sunday, March 28, 2010


To keep up with my Sunday evening theme of TORONTO, I thought I would tell you all about my friend Daniel P's blog: Drogue. That's "as in the French word for an illegal substance" duh. Daniel writes a lot and he writes well, but guess what!? none of it has to do with what he is wearing today or the other mundane things some like to write about endlessly (as if we all care so much). No, instead he has taken the time to delve into some of the major trends and happenings in the fashion/music/media industries and picked them a part for us. I would highly suggest adding it to your blog roll, c'est tres bien. x

Starworks Toronto

I usually let Toronto Fashion Week pass on by without too much attention on my part. Now living across the pond I guess you could say it's even easier to dismiss. But having moved to another country for a substantial amount of time has made me surprisingly patriotic and I find myself constantly talking up Toronto/Canada in general and promoting the country's best talent (in my eyes) as much as I can to anyone who will listen.

Having said this, the intricate FW10 knitwear pieces by debut designer, Breeyn McCarney, grabbed my attention while checking up on the Toronto Text Styles blog (hey!). The nude knit piece with star patchworks caught my eye in particular, but you can read the full Text Styles review here! x

Valley of The Dolls

Jamie Nelson's El-Mehico work reminded me of my Valley of The Dolls shoot from a couple of years ago. This was a project for my Art Direction class at Ryerson in third year. While I can take credit for the photography, styling and (of course) art direction, I owe the incredible make up work to my dear friend Em. Em and I both up and moved to London within a couple months of each other last year, and are hoping to collaborate on a creative here some time soon. In the mean time, if anyone is in need of a fantabulous makeup artist...holla at meee (and I will put you in touch with Em. Trust me, you don't want me to do anyone's makeup, I can hardly do my own properly). xx


More amazing-ness from Jamie's Elle Mexico shoot

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Friday Everyone.

Doll Face

Jamie Nelson's incredible shoot for Elle Mexico. IN LOVE!!! x

Starry Eyed

Happy Birthday shout outs to Daniel P, Jules and Mr. Stapleton. You all hold a special place in my heart and are in my thoughts today especially.

To Daniel, Wednesday's words ring true in terms of your fete ce soir...but sadly my travel card has been abducted and I have 2 pounds to my name until god knows when. Once pay day comes, however, we will enjoy an abundance of alcoholic beverages together, promis! x

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Oooh Child!

That's ma girl!! BK struttin her stuff outside of the Missoni show in our matching KG bitch clogs, as papped by Stockholm Street Style Doesn't she look amaaaazing!? Obviii!! xx

Speech Lover

Click here to check out my article on TO-based jewellery line, Speech, for Plaid Mag!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fry Up

Oh V, you always know when we are all in need of a lil' heavy metal trash to cheer us up!


Miu Miu FW10

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Baby Love

I can't wait for the arrival of Karen and Steph's first baby...the little one is due in a couple of weeks now, and I am so upset that I won't be able to visit until June! My visit to Blossom boutique last week for the Sousette press day got me thinking that if the happy fam ever comes to visit me in London I can throw an incredibly chic Sousette baby party. Sousette is 'your child's ultimate party favour' so if you are an LDN-based yummy mummy who is a bit stressed about an upcoming bday should probably get in touch with them! x

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Quote Of The Day

Lay off the diet pills toots, getting pretty hard to ignore the bags under your eyes

Oh Huggs, gotta love ya xx

PLAID Magazine

Plaid Magazine has finally launched! Check out Toronto's newest magazine at and there you can find my article on London-based jewellery designer, Fannie Schiavoni ta! x

MINT Condition

Last Friday I attended my friend Hind's press event for her client Sousette. Sousette is a London-based Baby Shower Service and the event was held at 'Blossom' in South Ken. aka the cutest baby store of all time. Even though I felt a bit out of place as I am not 'with child' nor do I have a child...I did enjoy sipping on Champagne and trying out M&S's new MINT nail colour while getting a free mani courtesy of Blossom & Jasmine. Oh and did I mention that they had a raffle and I won a free massage!? YEAH! A Blossom & Jasmine masseuse will be coming to my house this week to give me a massage and facial....CANNOT WAIT!

Ps. The above pic shows off my lovely mani and the cute polaroid of Hind & I at the event. x

So I Met This Guy...

Move over Belle Du Jour and Girl With A One Track Mind, there's a new bitch in town! Check out my new favourite blog: So I Met this Guy... Within two posts this chick has already had two different Brits between her legs; shagging in every place imaginable from here to Las Vegas, NYC and China (no, really). Love life a little lack luster at the mo? Take a few tips from some of Chloe's many man-eating tales. x

Friday, March 12, 2010


Okay this video is off tha chain. I don't think I can deny my love for GaGa any longer, and I'm completely obsessed with Honey B's motel room look. Uh-mazing!!
No one likes Kiki D besides Huggs, Me and V Magazine.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Crazy For Your Love

Yessss Alphonse! Let's go To-Ron-Tooooo! I've been obsessed with this track ever since I first heard it on Huggs' Scion Kitchen mix (which is the bomb btw) so obvi I was excited to watch the music video via the Fader website. I guess I'm a bit behind because the post is from January but whatevaaaaaah!! DJ Fathom looking sexxi in a suit too, I love it!!

Glossy TV x Kage SS10

Kage's super cute SS10 video featured on Glossy TV! Sure wish I was on a beach right now too!!

Vanilla Ice Cream x Chanel Dreams

Check out my Kage SS10 feature on the Glossy Blog or read it below!

Inspired by everything from vanilla ice cream to Chanel's dream-like couture shows, I can't think of a more delectable closet combo for SS10. Dubai-based label, Kage, was created by designers, Arwa Abdelhadi and Basma Abu Ghazaleh, in the autumn of 2009 and they have now launched their flirty and feminine SS10 collection following their first season success. Oozing sensuality and a hint of fantasy, the LKD "Little Kage Dress" is now available in three types: Vibrant, Bold and Ethereal. The Vibrant LKD's floral prints are available in 'hot' and 'cool' shades of burt orange, sunny yellow, mellow blues and soft purples. The Bold LKD 's geometric shapes and military influence come in a muted, monotone palette of off white and khaki hues, while the Ethereal style focuses on fluidity and balance with hints of soft colours and lacey fabrics. For those in search of the perfect summer tops, Kage has re-introduced their oversized tee along with vest tops that feature a delicate printed ruffle detail. Check out the images from Kage's dreamy SS10 campaign and for more details.

All About...

Monday, March 8, 2010


Cute Pic - byKage

V-V-V-Velvetttt Kages

London Town has taken a bloody cold turn this week. It is FRIGID out!! Even though the sun has been shining I have continuously been reaching for more and more layers to add on. What I could really use right now are some skin-baring minis that keep the body warm...These lovely little numbers by Kage would do just fine I think! I loooove the rich colours, velvety softness and bits of embellishment. I could really use one for tomorrow night as it is getting mighty hard to look cute when all I want to do is remain wrapped up in about 1000 blankets.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Design Snob

It's a ping pong life

Play Boy

Interview x Alex Wang x March 2010 x Fashionisto

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Now Behave

Roses Are Red

Um yea. If I had a spare 800 POUNDS hanging around i'd totally spend it on this bad boy. Amaaaazing!!