Sunday, October 31, 2010

All I Want For Halloween Is...

a YSL pumpkin!! Anyone feeling crafty this afernoon??
PS. Happy Halloween everyone!xoxo
(image via Fashionista)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Golden Rules

Loving my new YSL-esque shoes from River Island! These babies were on sale for £25 PLUS an extra 50% off!! The amazing RI sale is on until Sunday October 31st so if you are in London this weekend - GO! GO! GO!! x

Radia Mag x London Snog

A big THANK YOU to Radia Magazine for naming London Snog one of their favourite blogs!!

Click HERE to check it out xx

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Glossy Issue 7

Glossy's 7th issue is out now! 'The Inspiration Issue' features an article by yours truly on one of the UK's youngest and most talented up-and-coming fashion photographers, Grant Thomas. Along with the usual super fab shoots, this issue features an interview with one of my dear friends, Chloe, of the super-sexy blog 'So I Met This Guy.' To preview the issue click HERE!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Lesson Worth Teaching

This evening I was ecstatic to learn that a north London secondary school is teaching its pupils about gay history in an effort to eradicate homophobic bullying. However, at the same time I also felt infuriated and saddened that this school is probably one of the only middle schools in the entire world teaching this to their young students. I truly hope that more schools will catch on to this sooner rather than later - it seems idiotic that children are not being educated about all of the different types of people in the world and how to respect one another. In the mean time, please do your best to educate the young ones around you if their teachers are not.

Read the full article HERE.

Monday, October 25, 2010

What I Wore To Work Today...

From vintage Armani to Zara - this is what I wore to work today! Check out all of today's outfits HERE! x

Friday, October 22, 2010

Alice in Flowerland

Pretty + Dreamy = I like.

(images via Cuillere a Absinthe)

Travel Scrapbook

1. My favourite store in Dusseldorf: Le Freak & Chic!

2. A bicycle, obviously.

3. A cool wall by one of the many art museums

4. Looking down Jackson's stairwell

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Whip It Nails

Miss Willow ain't the only one with nails worth talking about this week! Check out Alice of Peachy Keen's latest manicure (see first image)! She walked into the office yesterday rocking those thangs like no big deal, and she did them herself! Her cute little cupcake finger tips have got actual pearls glued on to them - not fresh water or anything, but still!! Keep up with her nail and style adventures by clicking HERE x

Whip Ma Hurr

Will Smith's 9 year-old daughter, Willow, has a new music video out called "Whip My Hair" and it is this week's hot topic. Her song has been stuck in my head none stop, it is a serious guilty pleasure!! While I do think she is a tad young to already have a major music video under her belt, Lil' Wills gets mega props for at least busting out a good tune and sticking with super- cool yet age appropriate fashion choices - Note the amazing braided hair heart and other Rihanna-meets- Lada Gaga-meets-MIA inspired outfits.

Now can we wall take a moment to appreciate the incredibly beautiful children that Will and Jade have produced? They may be the most gorgeous children I have ever seen in my life!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Skirt

Strolling through Sea of Shoes a couple of weeks ago, the above picture caught my eye. Mainly because Jane is rocking the silver Chanel shoes that I would kill for, but also because she had paired them with an eye-catching vintage midi skirt which just so happens to be a current obsession of mine.

You can imagine how pleased I was to find this colourful striped midi at my favourite vintage shop in Dusseldorf, Le Freak & Chic (amazing name, right?). I love how Jane mixed sportswear pieces into her outfit but I also plan to wear my skirt with equally colourful and graphic print tops.

If brights, prints, longer lengths and sportswear all at once sound a bit insane to you, then you should probably take a look at the SS11 shows like right now because HELLO it's zee new look of the season dahlings x

Monday, October 18, 2010

More Studio Pugh

A couple of weeks ago I posted SHOWstudio's video presentation of Gareth Pugh's SS11 collection - if you haven't already seen it, check it out HERE. Because the AW10 presentation is equally fekkin' amaaaazing, I thought I'd take you all back in fashion time to enjoy. Voila! x

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Stam Stam x Vogue UK

I'm actually OBSESSED with this photoshoot from Vogue UK's November issue starring Jessica Stam shot by Lina Schynius. Stam Stam looks SO amazing and I would very much like to morph into her on my next rainy, fashion-day-in at home - in need of blonde hair, super long legs and every outfit from this shoot stat!

(images via fashion gone rogue)

From Dusseldorf with Love

Hallo! No I have not forgotten about London Snog, I've been away in Dusseldorf, Germany for the past four days sans internetz! Well, I did have internet but it was the equivalent of dial-up from 1997 which equals no blog posts for moi. Anyhoo, now i'm BACK in London and back to blogging!

I had such a nice time in Dusseldorf, heading over I wasn't expecting much from the city but it blew me away and I can't wait to go back! My younger brother recently re-located to join the city's ballet company and as he was performing with them for the first time over the weekend, my mum and I both flew over to visit and support his debut. It's a shame that my four days full of fantastic arts, food, family and sights went by so fast but it was a great mini-break indeed. More photos to come soon! x

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Girl Crushing

... Georgia May Jagger. Flipping through ELLE's October Issue this afternoon, the above image from the Chanel campaign caught my eye and reminded me of how much I love her! Sex pot.

Inside Anna Dello Russo's Closet...

Monday, October 11, 2010

What I Wore To Work Today...

My Monday outfit was featured on ELLE UK's 'What ELLE Wears To Work' blog today! Click HERE to view my outfit details and to check out all the other fantastic ensembles! x

Friday, October 8, 2010

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Best Dress


(Image via Studded Hearts)

70s Dream

70's from Cavallaria Filmes on Vimeo.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I Think I Hear The Rain

Little ballerina, please don't you fly away
Love me here forever. Oh why won't you stay?
My eyes are dark and twisted. My hair is in a mess
But you don't only love me when I am at my best

Keep close little darling, I think I hear the rain
My love for you just kills me. It's driving me insane
This is it my love. Our final hour has come
I'll hold you close in to me until the rain is done

Smile that little smile. Stick out that little tongue
There is no question to it. I know you are the one.

by Jackson Carroll

(aka my brother! Isn't this absolutely beautiful?)

Little China Girl


New Shoes For Almost Nothing

I may already be 1 out of 4 (that I know of) who own these shoes in the office, but in the words of Phillipina: "How could you resist such a cheap and cheerful treat!?" You really can't resist these babies at £20 a pop from PRIMARK! Aren't they amazing!? Plus they're super comfy toooo! x

Monday, October 4, 2010

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YSL Goes Green

Who needs a garden with flowers when you could have THIS!?

(image via YSL on FB)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sheer Indulgence

Ho-ly CRAP! I so want to be her like right now and forever... Amazing.

New Blog Announcement

I've got a brand new blog! Joli Lapin was created over the summer with the initial intention to become an online vintage store. However, as new job opportunities came about and my schedule became obscenely busy - Joli Lapin had to take a back seat.

Now the blog has officially been re-launched and is on the go, but instead of selling off vintage pieces, the purpose of my new blog is to share my amazing charity shop finds, and recipes of the delicious meals I make with my readers.

London Snog will remain my number one, fashion-focused blog while Joli Lapin will focus more on my home life and the happy little things that surround me.

Please read with love and care by clicking HERE. Enjoy! x

Beauty In The Woods

Numero via Le Fashion

Saturday, October 2, 2010


After endless months of working seven days a week I finally decided to treat myself to a little pressie. Voila! My beautiul new turqouise YSLring. And no, it is not a two-finger knuckle duster, the little silver one is from a sweet ring maker based-in Camden market that I found over the summer.