Friday, March 11, 2011

The Return of Sportswear

Those who know me well, know of my former ghetto fab alter ego, Mi$$ G. Money. She was around for a few years, but just as Booty Bass parties got put on the back burner, I put away my door knocker earrings and traded them in for more subtle (sort of) clothing and accessory choices.

Lately, however, there's been an inner inkling that Mi$$y might be ready for a comeback. A sudden re-interest in trainers or "kicks", the recent purchase of my graffiti'd LAMB bag and a slightly unhealthy obsession with a certain ADIDAS Originals jumpsuit (above), have made me think she might be screaming to get out again.

While in Paris last weekend, I discussed this with my fellow Torontonian, Nina, who hails from the same party background as myself. We reminisced of our days in ridiculous outfits but how fun it all was. We agreed that Hip-Hop is so deeply ingrained in us that it would be almost impossible to ever break away. Not that we ever did, from the music at least. The next day, while walking around Chatelet, I treated myself to the above jumpsuit - yippee!

Yesterday, I realised that it is not only me who is longing for the return of street sportswear. While in the cupboard, one of the ELLE Fashion Assistants told me my beloved jumpsuit was "the BEST thing ever!" and that she had to get one too. She also expressed her current desire for trainers, and we both agreed that there is something in the air that says it's the right time for kicks and street sportswear to make a comeback.
Hence yesterday's purchase of the above leopard-print detail ADIDAS Originals kicks that I got on sale for £30 from the Office shoes website. I'm SO excited for their arrival next week! This might mark the return of ghetto fab and Mi$$ G. Money but an updated version for spring/summer 2011 - stay tuned for my next post on how ELLE wears this trend.

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  1. Well excited about Mi$$y! The jumpsuit looks amazing. x