Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Five Reasons To Buy April ELLE

1. It comes with the fantastic high-street supplement, and I'm featured on the opening page of Team ELLE's High-Street Edit - showing you our top picks of what we'll be wearing for the new season. I'm into printed shorts!

2. Inside the April issue, you can MEET THE INTERNS - a great story about ELLE's super star team of current and past interns. I feel very fortunate to have been included in this piece, what a great keepsake of my time at ELLE!

3. I LOVE mini bags!! So much so that my boss asked me to compile a selection of my favourite ones for the magazine. Take a look, I'm certain you'll love too.

4. None other than Gwen Stefani is our cover star for April and she looks SO gorgeous! Anyone who knows me will know how exciting it is for me to be in the same magazine as GS - I LOVE her! Great shoot and article as well.

5. Why WOULDN'T you buy ELLE!? In fact, you should probably sign up for a subscription, like, right now.

The April issue of ELLE hits stands in the UK tomorrow, go and buy! x

Ps. It should hit stands everywhere else in about a week.


  1. OK I have to buy this one, I mean, YOU in it ? I couldn't miss it, but not sure the supplement will be sale in France, fingers crossed !

    See U !

  2. Woop! Good for you being featured x2!
    I adore Gwen Stefani also, must buy ELLE 2mro!

    I'm actually haivng a blog giveaway for the month of March so please do check it out :)

  3. Congratulations on being included in the magazine!! And thanks SO much for the photo from the Gwen Stefani article-I love Gwen,too,and think she looks absolutely gorgeous!! If it's not too much trouble,could you possibly scan the rest of the Gwen article-a lot of fans like me who don't live in the UK would love to be able to see it.Thank you so very much if you can :)

  4. @LadyMoriarty The supplement should come with the magazine everywhere it's sold xx

    @Lamb83 you'll be able to buy ELLE UK in about a week or so. I don't have a scanner but if I can get hold of the images i'll put them up x

  5. OK,thank you very much for the info and for offering to scan them if you can! :)

  6. Exciting! Will definitely try and pick up a copy. x