Monday, February 28, 2011

Sequins, Stripes & Pilgrims

1. US Harper's Joanna Hill

2. a portion of one of two shrines situated on the catwalk.

3. A few of my fave MK AW11 girls

The highlight of London Fashion Week, for me, was getting to see the Meadham Kirchhoff show. If you picked up the March issue of ELLE UK, you will have seen the fantastic piece my boss wrote on the duo, and if you read my blog on the regular, you will have also seen my awesome MK for Topshop dress that I recently wore to the ELLE Style Awards. So, obviously, big fan ovah heaaa!

As I sat patiently in the third row with my girl Louise, waiting for the show to start, I was delighted to see the lovely Johanna Hill turn up - looking mega glam as ever, even while clambering over a block row in her massive heels to get into a seat. Above is a shot of what she was wearing that day, luckily ELLE UK photog, Phill, caught Jo on the street. I really do love a day time sequin, paired with a good stripe makes it even better.

Back to the show, well, it was amazing. Possibly the quickest fashion show of all time, but definitely one I won't forget. Sequins, stripes and pilgrims, I just love it all!

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  1. i love the first pic, what a beautiful girl she is.