Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kazaky Kraze

Every popstar IN THE WORLD regardless of gender is going to have to step up their dancing game in a MAJOR way - Ukrainian boy band, Kazaky, is taking the world by storm and putting everyone to shame. Their leaps and twirls have me guessing they are professionally trained in ballet, but their most jaw dropping moves are the ones these duuuuudes bust out in teeter-tottering super-duper high stilettos (which is just about every move by the way). Lady Gaga, take note xo

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend In Amsterdam

1. Our vintage Givenchy & Chanel tops - we are in love!

2. The amazing mini backpacks we found in the garbage - we also love!

3. BK models a fur coat found in the garbage - amaze? We found three.

4. So chic in Chanel, on a bike, on her way to work - extra ah-maze!

5. After shopping day we had a fashion show but I forgot to take pictures so I drew a picture of us instead - scrapbook memries!

Easter feast with friends and family, vintage Chanel and Givenchy finds, amazing garbage treasures, perfect weather - could my weekend in Amsterdam have been any better? Non! It was amazles! Wish I could have stayed forever, but I am Florence now so things aint so bad xo


T Magazine recently turned the tables on The Coveteur co-founders, Erin & Steph, to give us a sneak peek into their wardrobes. Obviously such fashionable young ladies have tons of amazing treasures for us to drool over, view it all by clicking HERE.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Swedish Hasbeens x H&M

So it might not be a collaboration with a major designer who shows in Paris, but the Swedish Hasbeens for H&M collection is not one that should be dismissed. The Swedish brand is best known for their 70s style clogs that are made by hand using only natural materials - so natural in fact that you could bury them in your garden when done with them!

Three different styles have been released with two available in different colour options. The shoes which usually retail for £175+ are being sold at H&M for £39.99 per pair - super score! I haven't been able to get mine off my feet since I bought them, I suggest you go hunting for a pair too! Click HERE to check them out online.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cupcakes Cider & Wah Nails - Oh My!

Yes it's true, all of the above were present a the Lazy Oaf collection launch party on Thursday night.

What's Lazy Oaf you say? Well it's a super cute brand that specializes in POP graphic tees and jewellery. Not only that, but in their shop, which is located just off of Carnaby Street, they also sell everything from sunglasses to funny cards for your friends. Their T-shirts average at about £30, while most jewellery is only £14 - at those prices, how can you deny such fun homegrown goods?

Click HERE to check out their new spring collection. My favourite pieces include the doggy print tee and watermelon and Americana crop tops - perfect for summah!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kanye In Celine

I heart Kanye performing in Celine at Coachella last weekend. Could any other male hip-hip superstar pull off a women's blouse straight off the SS11 Paris runway so well? I doubt it. Snoops lets see you give K-West a run for his money at Lovebox this summer!

Image via Fashionista

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The WANGS Have Arrived

My feet have officially never been happier. Well, perhaps equally as happy when strapped into my Marc Jacobs mary janes or Chanel sandals. However, today they are EXTRA happy to have been slipped into my new Alexander Wang sandals.

But how does broke fashion intern afford such lovely shoes you say? Well, it's called designer bargain hunting my friend! I spotted these on The Outnet last week at 50% off, with an extra 30% being offered at check out - amaze. I clicked my way through check out so fast it left no time for me to realize that super discounted Wang shoes will still turn me into an extra broke fashion intern.

Oh well, at least I now have these to look upon and their fierceness alone with quickly evaporate any money woes I may have.

Score designer deals of your own by checking out The Outnet HERE xo

Monday, April 18, 2011

What I Wore To Work Today...

GAP jacket, American Apparel crop top, vintage skirt from Le Freak & Chic in Dusseldorf, Dune shoes, Be&D bag and Brick Lane sunglasses. Click HERE to view all of today's outfits xo

Hot Hot Heat

It's getting hotter and hotter out, so why not try underwear as outerwear (don't you just love a crop top?) and the new denim on denim - in colour! I love this lilac look.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Designer Bikinis In A Click

We are now officially half way through April, and with all the long weekends coming up, as well as summer months just around the corner, it is safe to say that bikini season is here.

The holiday and beach wardrobe is not one to dismiss when it comes to updating it with fresh pieces per trip and season - you definitely don't want to end up that chick by the pool wearing a tankini from her junior-high years! And for those of us who love designer fashion, but don't always have the funds to invest in new seasonal runway pieces, swimwear is a great way to get your hands on your favourite designer labels for no more than a couple hundred dollars.

Behold my latest discovery, the Net-a-Porter of swimwear -!

Clickini is home to a wide-range of mega chic designer beach wear, with a strong focus on the bikini. Labels sold include: Norma Kamali, Lisa Marie Fernandez, Chloe, Jil Sander, Melissa Odabash, Heidi Klein, Bronzette (a favourite of Carine Roitfeld) and many more.

Shopping for a new bikini so early in the season can be quite stressful, especially when your body isn't exactly in tip-top bikini-ready shape. Put your hands up if you've endured the stressful, time-consuming and often humiliating experience of shopping for new swim gear in a shop with bad lighting, bad mirrors and a an annoying sales girl coaxing you out of your change room. My hand is most certainly up.

Well, the nightmare is over - I clicked my way through all of their styles from the comfort of my own computer (while fully dressed) and tried on everything in the privacy of my own home. I settled on the amazing limited edition Jil Sander bikini above, which came exquisitely wrapped in their eco-friendly recycled packaging, and sent what didn't work back the next day. Easy peasy!

My next holiday trips are booked and i'm heading to Amsterdam and Florence in one week. Perhaps not the most tropical of destinations, but at least I'll look chic tanning in my garden when I get back and the temperature has gone up!

Click HERE to shop now xo

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Wang Effect

I love looking into the lives of my favourite fashion designers - especially when it's a sneaky little look into their lives at home! W Magazine recently visited Alexander Wang's incredible Tribeca loft. Click HERE to read the article xo

Girl On Girl Action

Check this out!! My TO homegirl, Emily, of The Lipstick Chixx recently worked with Idol Magazine on their cover shoot with none other than girl of the le moment, Jessie J. Click HERE to check out their behind the scenes video, where Emily stars in it almost as much as Jessie! (She's the hot blonde responsible for the amazing makeup) xo

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

ELLE Style Spy x Central Saint Martins

1. This is Richie, an Irish lad whose favourite shop is the Oxfam in Dalston where he "battles for the bargains" with all the old ladies on Monday mornings.

2. Deep Lee is inspired by elegant old ladies she sees on the street.

3. Nicole's style is African-inspired, layered and colourful

4. Matty says his style is "like Robin Hood went into a sweetshop!"

5. Momo Wang sells the little hats and brooches she makes by hand on Brick Lane every weekend.

The May issue of ELLE is now out in the UK, and one big reason to pick it up is to see the Central Saint Martin's edition of Style Spy - featuring interviews by yours truly and photos by the talented Rasha Kahil. Everyone we worked with that day is currently in the fashion program at CSM and they were such a lovely, eccentric bunch of kids. I found that there was quite a big "Ethnic Raver" trend donned by the majority of the group and students throughout the halls - mostly worn by those living around Dalston, an area of London that is dense with market stalls and different cultures. Sadly not everyone could make it on the page, but above are some of our favourites. Check out more images on Rasha's blog by clicking HERE xo

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Plaid Mag x My DJ Crush

Click HERE to read all about my latest DJ crush on

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

FILLER Mag SS11 x London Snog

Tomorrow marks the release of FILLER Magazine's SS11 issue and I am very pleased to announce that London Snog/moi will be their featured blog/blogger of the issue! That's right, you can browse the magazine and keep up to date with my posts from one hot spot - amaze!

I am so excited to be a part of this issue, FILLER is a magazine that I hold very close to my heart. The editor, Jennifer Lee, was managing editor of LUSH magazine while I interned there (my very first internship at a magazine) and is someone I consider a mentor. It is thanks to her guidance and the trust she put in me, and my talent, that I went on to Teen Vogue and ELLE UK.

While FILLER involves a global team of people, it is also a pool full of incredibly talented Torontonians. Many of my friends and colleagues have contributed from the beginning, but it seems that each time I visit the site, I find a new familiar name. A prime example being their spring cover shoot starring Lenka, shot by Joachim Johnson - a young photographer I profiled for as a star on the rise a few months back... not only that but the shoot (shot in NYC) was also styled by one of my best friends. Small world!

Highlights from their spring issue include an overall 70s theme (be sure to check out the beauty 'ads'), an interview with Nate Lowman (Mary-Kate's ex), a Fellini-inspired fashion editorial starring Nico Torterella of Scream 4 and, of course, their cover star - Lenka!

Click HERE to watch Lenka's latest video and HERE for more FILLER - be sure to stay tuned in this season! xo

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Popping In To The EMU Pop Up Shop

A couple of weeks ago, EMU held an evening for London bloggers at their pop up shop on Lamb's Conduit Street. After Wolf & Badger's 1st bday party, Holly and I decided to pop on over and pay them a visit to see what they're up to. What we found was a cozy little shop (cabin-like, almost) filled not only with their so-comfy-it-should-be-illegal booties, but a collection of super soft knits, basics and leather jackets. I for one was not familiar with their clothing, but would be more than happy to layer up in their high-quality basics any day.

Now, it must be said that I have never owned or purchased a pair of EMU or Ugg boots in my life. Well, okay, I do have one pair of Uggs but they're an old pair of my BFF's sister that she didn't wear anymore. It would be a lie to say I didn't enjoy wearing those things around my house in the winter, on ski trips, or on days when a hangover makes tying up my converse too difficult to manage. Oh the joys of outdoor slipper boots!

I wear heels way too often, and for way too long, to deny such comfort during my 'fashion down time.' I'm kind of in love with my new biker-style low cut black EMU booties - as some of you may know, I am returning to Canada soon and I'm sorry but those boots will be KEY when it comes to braving -20 weather. Hunny, you try walking through five feet of snow in stilettos at 8am- it ain't happening! Exciting advances in EMU technology include water resistant sheepskin (no more soggy, salty, sludgy boots!), a molded cup heel and super-duper strong sole (no more weird lopsidedness!) - hooray!

The lovely Frankie of Cube PR took a snapshot of us at the event - in which I look like I've only got one foot and Holly had to hold me up while I took a nap. Photoshopping a sleeping mask over my half-closed eyes makes posting this photo surprisingly less embarrassing. Below, my new boots - come on, you know you want them too!

Check out more from EMU by clicking HERE xo

Monday, April 4, 2011

What I Wore To Work Today...

A padded Varsity Jacket and open toe sandals seemed like a bit of an odd pairing this morning but proved to be the perfect combo for today's typically English weather - sunny one minute, cloudy the next. Warm, then cold, raining on one block, then not at the next!

Anyway, today I wore... my new varsity jacket that I picked up at my favourite vintage shop in Dusseldorf (Le Freak & Chic) over the weekend, trusty Reiss jumpsuit, Dune wedges, Be & D studded bag and the infamous Brick Lane sunglasses. Click HERE to view all of today's outfits. xo

Saturday, April 2, 2011

ELLE Canada x Top 5 Vintage Stores in LDN

Click HERE to check out my recent article on the Top 5 Vintage Stores in London for xo

Friday, April 1, 2011

Cellardoor Mag x When I Grow Up...

One of my favourite London-based online magazines, Cellardoor, recently interviewed me for their newest blog feature called "When I Grow Up" - a great new profile piece on inspirational young people working in the fashion industry. I feel very flattered to be included, thanks Cellardoor! Click HERE to read the full interview xo