Monday, July 6, 2009

English Rose

To all my lovely friends checking in on London Snog, I thought I might give you an update on my LDN life at the moment. 

It has been quite nice really, and I have certainly settled into the 'Chiswick Housewife' lifestyle with ease. Dear boyfriend works very very early in the mornings (7am!) until 4 in the afternoon almost every day. So, this leaves me to sleep in, wake up to some coffee and breaky while checking the daily news and later go for a run by the river. By the time I get back in and shower it is usually just after noon so I get ready and have a quick snack for lunch, after this I like to swan around Chiswick until dear boyfriend is done work. 

Chiswick is a quaint area that is always bustling but has a relaxed atmosphere. It is also chock-full of charity shops! These shops are sprinkled all over LDN and have a few different names but most are for Cancer charities. Although I'm not really allowed to spend much, I've found some great vintage and designer pieces throughout. Just around the corner from my flat is another store that specializes in second-hand designer clothing and accessories, it's amazing! Literally a hole in the wall... about half the size of Tokyo 7 in NYC but still just as good, and there are two old British ladies running it who are quite funny. I would love for employment to happen soon so I can justify scooping up all the See by Chloe I spotted and pray for some vintage Chanel.

Speaking of employment, I HAVE been searching! As much as I'd love to laze about for the rest of the summer I know it's not possible. But what to wear to my interviews?? I am becoming more and more depressed about how much clothing I had to leave behind and that my current closet size is about less than 1/4 of my TO closet. Working within my limited budget before employment has also left little room for closet expansion *tear* Anyhoo, this week the job search continues and I also plan to venture down to the Tate Modern and Notting Hill. I know, I know I can't believe I still haven't gone either! #1 TO DO for this week is: Do not be lazy!

Who is coming to visit soon?


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  1. i have just stumbled across your blog - i love it !! will def check in and read from now on!!