Friday, July 24, 2009

Blue & Gold

Dear oh dear! What a crazy few days. They have been amazing actually, but a bit of a fashion overload and now I am completely exhausted! TGIF!!

Here is what's been going on...

I met my amazing friend Becca a year ago at Teen Vogue, where we were both interning. She had moved to NYC from the UK and was just finishing up her term as I began mine but we instantly got along. Now both based in LDN, she is currently assisting the incredible stylist, Beth Fenton. Funnily enough, I was sent to assist on the Teen Vogue 'Sweater Dressing' shoot that Beth was styling last summer. As you can guess I was ecstatic when Becca asked me to help them prep for an iD Magazine shoot that is taking place in Paris over the weekend.

BTW, if anyone is looking for a quick way to discover London, I would suggest doing pick ups for a major stylist... after a couple of days you will know the tube map like the back of your hand and will be able to locate any PR company with a blindfold on. So ya, I've basically been running around like crazy all over London picking up requested items and receiving even more at the office. Setting everything up for Beth's edit was a huge amount of work that took hours, but it was amazing to see each and every piece called in for the shoot. Even more mind-blowing was watching Beth put together each look with combinations and additions that would have never even crossed my mind. I can't give away too much info about the shoot but if you love 90s Versace as much as I do then you will be very pleased!!

The scans above are just a few from Beth's online portfolio.

xo G

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