Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Popping In To The EMU Pop Up Shop

A couple of weeks ago, EMU held an evening for London bloggers at their pop up shop on Lamb's Conduit Street. After Wolf & Badger's 1st bday party, Holly and I decided to pop on over and pay them a visit to see what they're up to. What we found was a cozy little shop (cabin-like, almost) filled not only with their so-comfy-it-should-be-illegal booties, but a collection of super soft knits, basics and leather jackets. I for one was not familiar with their clothing, but would be more than happy to layer up in their high-quality basics any day.

Now, it must be said that I have never owned or purchased a pair of EMU or Ugg boots in my life. Well, okay, I do have one pair of Uggs but they're an old pair of my BFF's sister that she didn't wear anymore. It would be a lie to say I didn't enjoy wearing those things around my house in the winter, on ski trips, or on days when a hangover makes tying up my converse too difficult to manage. Oh the joys of outdoor slipper boots!

I wear heels way too often, and for way too long, to deny such comfort during my 'fashion down time.' I'm kind of in love with my new biker-style low cut black EMU booties - as some of you may know, I am returning to Canada soon and I'm sorry but those boots will be KEY when it comes to braving -20 weather. Hunny, you try walking through five feet of snow in stilettos at 8am- it ain't happening! Exciting advances in EMU technology include water resistant sheepskin (no more soggy, salty, sludgy boots!), a molded cup heel and super-duper strong sole (no more weird lopsidedness!) - hooray!

The lovely Frankie of Cube PR took a snapshot of us at the event - in which I look like I've only got one foot and Holly had to hold me up while I took a nap. Photoshopping a sleeping mask over my half-closed eyes makes posting this photo surprisingly less embarrassing. Below, my new boots - come on, you know you want them too!

Check out more from EMU by clicking HERE xo

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