Sunday, February 27, 2011

Now & Then

Back in December, I blogged about two great vintage bags that I picked up in Toronto's fabulous Goodwill on Bloor St. One of the bags, was the above yellow croc satchel which I immediately fell in love with, and purchased for a mere $5. Yesterday, while browsing River Island on Oxford Street, I came across this identical version in the shop, being sold in two different colours at £32.99 each! The red is certainly cute, but I can't help but laugh and pat myself on the back for scoring the original design for so cheap! But for anyone looking for a lovely croc satchel of their own, and not so willing to dig through charity shops to find one, I thought I would share this discovery in case you might want to buy a brand new one for yourself.

Click HERE to view the bag online. x


  1. Haha, this must be so satisfying! Think I love the yellow colour better as well as its being the original.

  2. haha good to know! It's going to be perfect in the summer x

  3. that is mental, your vintage one sure is better tho!