Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What I'm Wearing At Work Today...

Okay, it's not Monday, and this photograph of what I'm wearing today was not taken by a professional photographer, it was taken using my trusty "extra super professional" iPhone! This wicked draped, rubber-front dress, by Plein Sud Jeanius, was a gift from my brother for X-Mas and I wanted to share it's amazingness with all of you. I'm not too familiar with the brand but you can check out the link to discover more. Today I paired my dress with my Hermes-esque belt by Suzi Roher and my signature hair knot!

On another note - it's not always fun and games here in the office but sometimes we have a lot of fun! Like when we put little Lou Lou into big bags! Ain't she cute?


  1. I like your dress, want to see a better pic though! Where is it from?

    Tracey x

  2. Thanks! Better image is up along with the name of the brand and link x