Saturday, January 8, 2011


Tralalalalaaaaa! I was starting to come to terms with the fact that I may not own Chanel until the ripe old age of 50 - but thanks to Fashionably Yours in Toronto, I now own Chanel at 23 -hallelujah! While in TO over the holidays, I was walking along Queen West after dinner with a girlfriend and was stopped dead in my tracks when I saw the above shoes sitting pretty in their window. Luckily they were closed (as I have no money) so I eventually peeled myself away. A week or two later, when my brother got to town, we headed over to take a proper look around the shop. No-longer in the window, I thought they were goners - but non, they had been re-merched and were up on display behind the cash counter! "What size are they!?" I asked, "Your size!" the sales clerks said. The rest is history - now it's just me and MK rockin' these babies around town! Oh and yes, obviously I somehow came up with the money - it's called VISA baby (they accept!). Ps. Fashionaly Yours is now on sale! Check out their blog HERE and twitter HERE for all the latest designer goods arriving in store on the daily. xx

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