Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Organics & Wang

Like any die hard fashion fan, I love to own and wear designer gear. However, when you are still in the beginning stages of carving out your career in the industry, this can prove to be quite challenging, if not nearly impossible. So how does one begin to accumulate a designer wardrobe? Well, having friends in the field always helps. Take, for example, these amazing silk harem pants from Organics by John Patrick - the 'godfather' of organic fashion as Anna Wintour calls him - that were a gift from a friend who works closely with him. Score! Next up, my Alexander Wang sweatshirt from his SS10 collection. Not too sure why it has taken me so long to blog about this piece, but here we are. I have had an odd obsession with sweatshirts from a young age, and I am constantly seeking pieces that are stylish but allow me to feel like I'm still in my pajamas while at work. An NYC-based fashion blogger was selling off a couple of her Wang pieces at the end of last summer and I was quick to jump on this number. At the time of purchase, it was still being sold ON SALE for £380 - and I got it for £90! So remember readers, always keep an eye out - you never know where you might find a great new designer addition for your wardrobe.

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