Friday, December 3, 2010

Don't Call Me Sugar

SS11 has got a bit of a split personality. On one side, we have clean, classic and simple dressing. A bit boring to be honest. On the other side, we have BRIGHT, bold, crazy ass colours and punk rock attitudes - love it. Sugar Mag had their fashion and beauty sale today and I'm super excited about the silver metallic biker jacket and bright floral necklace made from multi-coloured neon discs that I scored. The jacket is going to look great with floaty, pastel-coloured chiffon pieces, while the necklace is going to be amazing worn on top of printed tees. Can't wait for spriiiiing!!

Ps. my purchases amounted to a toal of £4. Yup, that's right - four freakin pounds. Sa-Weet!

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