Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Ho Ho!

Hope that all of my lovely London Snog readers had an amazing Christmas this year! So what did y'all get!? Please share!

As my brother doesn't get home from Germany until the 1st of January, my family has put our Xmas on hold until the 2nd. Yesterday, I suggested that I could just open up all my gifts and then re-wrap them on the 2nd, but my mum said 'NO. And I'm pretty sure you also came up with that idea when you were five.' hmph! Luckily I have a boyfriend that understands that I love gifts and don't like to wait to get them - so here's a picture of what he got me: a gorgeous brass nail cuff from Giles & Brother and the lasso love ring from Zoe & Morgan. J'adore!


  1. What a great boyf! Love Zoe & Morgan. The Sasha pic is great too.