Sunday, June 14, 2009

No love for Lady GaGa

This post may seem a bit overdue but, really, I do not get Lady Gaga whatsoever. The recent pictures that have surfaced of el Gaga sans makeup, along with some of her ridiculous quotes, have left me with no choice but to blog bash her. While her over-the top fashion forward looks are right on the mark for today's popstar, there is a drastic disconnect between her futuristic looks and mediocre music. With a look that screams "forward" what is the reasoning behind producing Christian Aguilera-esque songs at a time when underground electro is quickly bursting into the mainstream? 

Never mind her music, what really enrages me about Gaga is her failure to act as a proper role model for her young (and mostly female) fan base. As reported by Perez Hilton, when asked by US Weekly how she stays in "tip top shape" Gaga replied "It's all about starvation! Pop stars don't eat." Even if  Gaga was joking, how many 8-13 year old girls reading Perez will absorb that comment as sarcasm? Personally, I think the openly sex-crazed fame whore should take a tip from vintage Britney. Even if what you claim ain't true behind closed doors, keep your image clean (but still edgy) for your young fans, sheesh!

The picture above shows evidence that underneath the big hair bow, heavy makeup and sunglasses-at-night lies a mousy bottle blonde mess looking  for love from a sk8r boi. Is he THE ONE guys??

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  1. what a skank hope someone punches her in her poker face