Sunday, June 7, 2009

I am immortal, and Chanel is my bride

Recently, as reported on New York Fashion, a rumor was spread that Karl did not renew his contract with Chanel and that Lanvin designer Elbaz would be taking his place. You can read the report here: NY Fashion

Luckily, Karl's trusty "Guide To Life" blog has put those nasty rumors to rest! He says:

"I was rather bemused with this woman (Diane Pernet). I am immortal, and Chanel is my bride. I'm Karl Otto Lagerfeld. Why would I ever stop working? (...) Anyway, we ("we" being Chanel) issued a statement denying this horrible and perplexing rumor. I just felt like writing a post to express my confusion at this sort of rumor- it's just impossible. You might as well claim that I'm a woman, all models are obese. Really, I am Karl Lagerfeld. I don't care how good your sources are, Ms. Pernet. I'm the only one to design Chanel. I'm not dying anytime. Being retired is boring- have you seen Valentino? I do believe that your "shaded view of fashion" is so shaded you can barely see anything anymore, hmm? In any case, the rumor interrupted my construction of the treehouse. And I love the smell of building sites."

Phew! You tell em Karl! Ain't no body, taking your place...EVER!

Read the full entry here: Rumors

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