Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Stanton James x London Snog

I used to hate the idea of online shopping, but now that i have no time to take part in traditional ways of shopping, I find myself browsing online all the time! While I still prefer to try things on first (if I can), I can hardly resist adding to my shopping cart when I find that perfect little unique something online. I love coming across online "boutiques" with a great range of designers, I especially love when these online boutiques love me back!

The ultra-cool, Beverly Hills-based online boutique, Stanton James, is happy to offer London Snog readers a special 20% off purchases! Simply use the code: ShopStantonJames

Right now i'm super obsessed with their Rossmore necklaces. I've already told my friend Dana that she's got to get the triangle one asap as it matches her tattoo... for me i'm thinking the three linked triangles - reminds me of vampire teeth!

Happy shopping! x

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