Thursday, November 4, 2010

See If You Can Spot Me...

At the launch of Forever 21 in the UK last night! Here's a hint: first row, on the left. Always a fan of Forever 21 back home, I'm sure it will sit well amongst the rest of the British highstreet shops. Must admit I was highly impressed with the PRs choice of venue (it was AMAZING!) and happily indulged in a glass (or few) of champers. Celebs in attendance included: Amber Le Bon (the face of Forever 21 UK), model Ben Grimes and that dude from that show Gavin & Stacey.

See if you can spot myself, Donna, Holly and Lucy on the Daily Mail Online by clicking HERE!

(images via Zimbio)


  1. Spotted ! Sitting next to a blonde lady, yeah !

    Did I win something ?

  2. Unfortunately not! Unless you would like a Forever 21 umbrella from the gift bag?? xx