Sunday, August 29, 2010

Reasons Why Being A Makeup Artist Is Super Cool...

1. You get to rock fabulouso makeup looks all day, everyday. A prime example being Emily's ferooosssshhhh turquoise eyes and pretty pink lips above.

2. You can pair your amazing makeup look with some random printed pants you bought at a market stall, feathered earrings & a cigarette, and instantly become the hottest bitch around town.

3. You have every makeup product possible and your bathroom is basically makeup heaven.

4. You have every makeup tool possible and your bathroom is basically makeup-tool heaven.

Emily is one half of London's The Lipstick Chixx. I am so lucky to know Em, not only is she the bomb, but every time I got near her I leave looking a thousand times better thanks to her genius handiwork!

The Lipstick Chixx are two incredible girls and you should keep up with their blog and events around town by clicking HERE!

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