Saturday, December 19, 2009

Holiday Horrors

This holiday season I have come to realise that Travel Agents are worthless human beings. That may sound harsh, but after my recent personal travel trauma, I don't care. Let's see now, when my flight to London was booked last June, the appointed travel agent misspelled my name on the confirmed ticket. Let's fast forward to December 16th 2009, the day I arrived at Heathrow Airport to return home for the holidays, only to find out that I had missed my 9am flight. Why did I miss my 9am flight? Well, I missed it because the flight I was aware of was at 3pm. Long story short, the same travel agent forgot to notify me of the completely different flight that I had been moved to by Air Canada. Genius, I tell you. After 7 hours straight of tears and standby, I returned the next morning to get on a new confirmed flight to Toronto via Ottawa (gross). Feeling sorry for myself I did a bit of Duty Free shopping that started with a hott pink YSL lipstick and ended with my new monstrous Kurt Geiger's above (a few bits in between but they are not worth mentioning). Do we loooooooove these bitch clogs or what!? I do. xo

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