Saturday, December 19, 2009

Baby All I Want 4 Xmas Is...

When I left for LDN in June, I had my going away party at 751 with the sweet, sweet 90s R&B tunes provided by my bff Dj Huggs. Well, Love You Down is BACK for my LDN holiday return to TO/The Mariah Carey Holiday Special. If you are in Toronto, I wanna see you on Tuesday!! Here are the details:

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Love You Down returns for the winter break with All I Want For Christmas Is You.
That means all 90's R&B all night in the basement w/ Huggs.
+ 90's Hip Hop upstairs w/ Mensa.
And now 90s roving ringer Tim "DJ Co-op" Hoover might be in the place too! Stay tuned!
Hosted by Grace, Erika, Claire, Maddie & The Academy.
Door by Sarah Smallfry.
Plus Jasmine is gonna come dance on her night off!
Aaaaand special prizes for anyone who turns up in an exact replica of Mariah's santa suit

Happy Holidays!

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