Friday, September 25, 2009

NYC check-in

1. Mom says "That Obama is so cute!" she repeats "sooooo cute." And then "He's in such amazing shape, its incredible!" Okay mom...we get it. You think Obama is a babe.

2. New york? Cuba? Where am I...

3. *cough, cough* I'm sick, I can't go out. Take me home cabbie!

The jet-set lifestyle. Popping over to NYC for the weekend from LDN, glamourous right? Well, I guess so, even though my "pop in" occurred just in time for me to have missed NYC fashion week by a minute and also miss most of LDN fashion week upon my return! Oh ya, boo hoo me, I really should not be crying over this. It was great to be back in my favourite city! Mind you I was there on my first 'work' trip and I did in fact work more than play but, damn, it felt gooood to be 'home' I really do heart the big apple. Typical me, I took about one photo on my entire trip, but luckily my parents came down to visit and have provided some proof that I was actually there.

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