Monday, September 14, 2009


Having stepped down from her position as managing director of Lush Magazine earlier this year, I was happy to hear that Jennifer Lee had set her sights on creating a new online magazine with ultimate creative talent, Ryan Johnson. FILLER magazine went live this past week, in conjunction with the opening of TIFF. Having been kept in the dark about the creative vision for FILLER, it is now clear to me why Jenn chose TIFF as the perfect opportunity to introduce her latest project. Unlike most online magazines, FILLER offers readers a fresh take on online fashion editorials. Instead of mock magazine pages the team has created high-quality avant garde short-films to showoff FILLER fashion. REFRESHING! I've been majorly lame and failed to provide London street-style shots for the mag, due to having stayed in bed to feel sorry for myself and cry over my missing finger. However, I will be acting as a London correspondent for the mag so stay tuned! PS. Congrats Jenn & Ryan!

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