Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mail Pressies

There's nothing more exciting to me than getting a present through the mail. Even though I was expecting the Asos shoes I ordered myself, and was notified by my friend Neil that he was sending me the Fifi Lapin for Le Sportsac wallet he picked up for me in NYC, it was still tres fun ripping open the packages when they arrived! The Asos shoes are my first purchase from London's favourite shopping website, and I am very pleased with them. Not only were they a steal at 40 pounds, but they fit perfectly and are super comfy! I'm also in love with my new wallet, I adore Fifi and looking at her in all her different Vaudeville outfits sure does bring a smile to face every time I have to pay for an item. x


  1. OOH I want this bag badly !!!

    Super shoes (very Chloƫ :)
    I love Asos so much !

    See U !

  2. Yesss you should definitely get it! and oui oui, my new shoes make me feel very Chloe :D xx