Thursday, April 15, 2010

Jungle Fever

I had not seen this video until about 5 minutes ago when I added it to my new mix pod playlist for the blog (yay!). Even though I had to endure the whole thing with The Boy commenting on how "pathetic" and "crap" he thinks Ri Ri and her music video is, I still think it's great! SS10 has caught jungle fever and in this case the video is right on trend, but I also love the MIA/Gwen Stefani - old school No Doubt/Fresh Prince influences. What do you guys think??


  1. The vid' is funky, love it. But not fan of the music, not very my style !

    Love your article on LDN charity shops, can't wait to go there. Here in Paris, charity shops is not really a religion, they're just a few and too expensive !

  2. So glad to hear you loved the charity shop article! It's true, I am absolutely obsessed! Picked up so fun new bits over the weekend :) London charities are pretty good, but the ones in Canada are about 10 thousand times bigger and waaaay less expensive! x