Sunday, March 14, 2010

MINT Condition

Last Friday I attended my friend Hind's press event for her client Sousette. Sousette is a London-based Baby Shower Service and the event was held at 'Blossom' in South Ken. aka the cutest baby store of all time. Even though I felt a bit out of place as I am not 'with child' nor do I have a child...I did enjoy sipping on Champagne and trying out M&S's new MINT nail colour while getting a free mani courtesy of Blossom & Jasmine. Oh and did I mention that they had a raffle and I won a free massage!? YEAH! A Blossom & Jasmine masseuse will be coming to my house this week to give me a massage and facial....CANNOT WAIT!

Ps. The above pic shows off my lovely mani and the cute polaroid of Hind & I at the event. x

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